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Replica RAM Wheels

OE Wheels is the best place to upgrade your RAM. With our certified and affordable aftermarket replica wheels, you can reinvigorate your RAM with power and confidence.  Select the finish, size, and pattern of your replica RAM wheels and get the perfect aesthetic for your beast of a vehicle.

Replica RAM wheels are aftermarket wheels that are designed to resemble the original wheels found on RAM trucks. These wheels are often made to match the design, size, and specifications of the original RAM wheels however OE Wheels often enhances the design by creating the wheel in larger sizes or alternative finishes.

Replica RAM wheels are popular among truck owners who want to change the appearance of their vehicles or replace damaged or worn-out wheels.

Polished Wheel
Silver Wheel
Black Wheel
Bronze Wheel
Brushed Wheel

17 inches
18 inches
20 inches
22 inches
24 inches

5-127 + 5-139.7
6-135 + 6-139.7

Dodge Ram 22 inch DG21 Satin
Dodge Ram 22 inch DG21 Satin

High-Quality Appearance

The way your vehicle looks is just as important as how it functions. OE Wheels understands this, which is why we offer replica RAM wheels that are of equal quality to the originals but at a smaller price. So whether you’re driving to work or going on a weekend excursion with loved ones, you can rest assured knowing your car will look amazing.  Ram replica wheels are aftermarket wheels designed to look like the wheels that come standard on Ram trucks. Our Wheel and Tire Techs can help you make an informed decision when selecting replica wheels for your Ram truck.

High-Quality Wheels

At OE Wheels, we exclusively partner with top-tier manufacturers to provide you with premium replica RAM wheels. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our products, which is why we offer a lifetime structural warranty and a 1-year face finish warranty. When searching for replica wheels, it is essential to prioritize high-quality materials and thorough testing to guarantee safety and durability. Additionally, verifying that the wheels are the appropriate size and compatible with your specific vehicle is crucial.



OE Wheels partners with ISO 9001 certified manufacturers, which guarantees that our RAM replica wheels are produced using the highest quality manufacturing processes and materials. ISO 9001 certification is an international standard that sets out requirements for a quality management system.


OE Wheels adheres strictly to all SAE requirements, to provide high-quality wheels that meet strict safety and quality standards. SAE-J2530 standards were developed to help aftermarket wheel manufacturers meet or exceed the safety and performance requirements. 


Our extensive relationships with customers and manufacturers have helped us become one of the top distributors in America. We believe that every driver should have a vehicle that is both practical and appealing to the eye because you deserve it.


Best RAM Replica Wheels at an Incredible Price

OE Wheels knows that every RAM driver deserves a vehicle that’s both beautiful and functional. That’s why we offer the best replica RAM wheels available, so you can shop with confidence knowing you’re getting durable products without over spending.  1-866-273-3651