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Replica Tahoe Wheels

OE Wheels selection of replica wheels for the Chevy Tahoe. We offer a wide variety of styles in a variety of finishes, sizes and styles making it easier for Tahoe owners to find the perfect wheel to suit their needs.  With classic styles such as the snowflake wheels and honeycomb wheels, as well as more modern styles found on later model Chevy Tahoe, OE Wheels has something to offer for every Tahoe owner’s preference. And by providing affordable options, customers can upgrade the look of their vehicle without breaking the bank. It’s important for customers to choose aftermarket wheels that meet strict quality and safety standards to ensure the integrity of their vehicle. OE Wheels commitment to quality provides customers with the assurance that their replica Tahoe wheels are a reliable and safe choice for their vehicle.  Investing in high-quality aftermarket wheels that are manufactured using rigorous quality standards is a wise choice for any vehicle owner.

The Chevy Tahoe is a full-size SUV that typically comes with 18 inch or 20 inch wheels as standard, depending on the trim level. OE Wheels has also made some wheel styles in 22 inch, 24 inch and 26 inch.  The wheels on the Tahoe are typically made of aluminum alloy and feature a variety of designs, from simple 5-spoke designs to more intricate split-spoke designs. 

2015 Chevy Tahoe 22 inch CV37 Chrome

Adhering to SAE-J2530 Requirements

OE Wheels adheres strictly to all SAE requirements, to provide high-quality products that meet strict safety and quality standards. SAE-J2530 standards were developed to help aftermarket wheel manufacturers meet or exceed the safety and performance requirements. By adhering to these standards, OE Wheels ensures that their replica wheels are designed, engineered, manufactured, and tested to the highest levels of quality and safety. Choosing aftermarket wheels that meet SAE-J2530 requirements is an important consideration for any vehicle owner, and OE Wheels commitment to these standards provides customers with added assurance and peace of mind.

ISO 9001-Certified Manufacturer

OE Wheels partners with ISO 9001-certified manufacturers, which guarantees that our Tahoe replica wheels are produced using the highest quality manufacturing processes and materials. ISO 9001 certification is an international standard that sets out requirements for a quality management system. It focuses on ensuring that a company consistently meets customer and regulatory requirements while continuously improving the quality of our products and services. By partnering with ISO 9001-certified manufacturers, OE Wheels ensures that our replica wheels meet the highest quality standards and are built to last longer than those of their competitors.

Top US Replica Distributor

OE Wheels has been one of America’s top distributors of aftermarket wheels for 20+ years. We pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve built with our customers and manufacturers during that time.  Not only is it important that your vehicle runs smoothly, but its appearance does matter as well. It’s normal to want your Tahoe looking the best it can for commuting or taking the family out on weekend adventures. We’re confident in our products and offer a lifetime structural warranty as well as a 1-year face finish warranty so that you can shop without hesitation.

2007 Chevy Tahoe 26 inch CV98 Chrome

Your Tahoe Deserves an Upgrade

Here at OE Wheels, we care about quality over price. We believe that every driver should have a vehicle that is both practical and good-looking because you deserve it. That’s why carry the best replica Tahoe wheels money can buy. When you shop with us, know that what you’re paying for is a high quality, tested product, just right for your Tahoe.

Get in touch with our Wheel and Tire Experts for more help. We also offer a large selection of 4PLAY® Aftermarket Wheels for your Tahoe.  Take your Tahoe to the next level with some OE Wheels replica wheels. 1-866-273-3651