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Fits: Yukon Wheels

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Fits: Yukon Wheels

Factory GMC Yukon wheels come in a variety of sizes and designs depending on the model and trim level. Most Yukon models come with wheels made of aluminum alloy, which offer a combination of strength and lightweight construction.

The standard wheel size for the GMC Yukon is 18 inches, with higher trim levels and special editions offering larger wheel options, such as 20 inch or 22 inch wheels. OE Wheels also makes popular Yukon wheel styles in 24 inch and 26 inch options. Factory GMC Yukon wheels also come in a range of finishes, including painted, polished, and machined finishes.

OE Wheels offers a wide range of certified, budget-friendly aftermarket replica wheels for a variety of GMC Trucks. By providing replica wheels in several styles, finishes, and sizes, OE Wheels is committed to helping customers keep their Yukon in top condition while also giving them the opportunity to customize the look of their vehicle. Offering replica wheels for GMC Yukon is a great way for OE Wheels to cater to the needs of GM enthusiasts. OE Wheels offers classic replica GMC wheels in styles such as Snowflake and Honeycomb, as well as the Next Gen styles for later model trucks and SUVs, and even the hottest styles of replica Denali wheels.OE Wheels puts quality over quantity. We refuse to leave any driver behind, which is why we offers replica Yukon wheels that are both functional and beautiful. Shopping with us guarantees that you’re getting a durable product for an affordable price.

GMC Yukon 22 inch CA91 Satin Black

The GMC Yukon is a popular SUV model with several wheel styles available, depending on the specific trim level and year. 

20-Inch Aluminum Wheels: These are often standard or available as an option on various Yukon trims. They typically feature a polished or machined finish with painted accents.

22-Inch Aluminum Wheels: These larger wheels are often offered as an upgrade or available on higher-end Yukon trims. They can have various finishes, such as chrome, polished, or painted.

22-Inch Multi-Spoke Wheels: This particular wheel design features multiple spokes, which can provide an elegant and stylish look.

20-Inch Black-Painted Wheels: Some Yukon models may offer black-painted wheels as a styling option, which can give the vehicle a more sporty or aggressive appearance.

22-Inch Chrome Wheels: Chrome wheels are known for their shiny and reflective finish, which can add a touch of luxury to the Yukon’s overall look.

The GMC Yukon is available in various trim levels, offering different features and equipment. While the specific trim levels may vary slightly depending on the model year, here are some common trim levels for the GMC Yukon. The SLE trim is usually the base model, and the SLT trim level builds upon the features of the SLE and adds additional comfort and convenience features. The AT4 trim is the off-road-oriented variant of the Yukon. The Denali trim represents the top-of-the-line luxury offering in the Yukon lineup. Each of these trim levels has a different style wheel featured.  

High-Quality Wheels

OE Wheels is dedicated to providing premier replica Yukon wheels and prioritizing quality to ensure customer satisfaction and trust. This is important because customers rely on the products they purchase to meet their needs and perform, and providing high quality products is key to building trust and satisfaction. OE Wheels is committed to ensuring that every driver has a vehicle that looks amazing and drives the same, which can greatly enhance the overall driving experience.



OE Wheels partners with ISO 9001-certified manufacturers, which guarantees that our replica wheels are produced using the highest quality manufacturing processes and materials. ISO 9001 certification is an international standard that sets out requirements for a quality management system. It focuses on ensuring that a company consistently meets customer and regulatory requirements while continuously improving the quality of our products and services.


OE Wheels adheres strictly to all SAE requirements, to provide high-quality products that meet strict safety and quality standards. SAE-J2530 standards were developed to help aftermarket wheel manufacturers meet or exceed the safety and performance requirements. By adhering to these standards, OE Wheels ensures that our replica wheels are designed, engineered, manufactured, and tested to the highest levels of quality and safety.