You have reached the �Original Equipment Wheel� specialist site of L.A. Wheel and Tire.  We believe that the best wheel for your car is the one made by your vehicle manufacturer.  We didn't invent the Original Equipment Wheel, but we made it look a WHOLE LOT BETTER by finishing it in our show quality Chrome, Winterchrome�, or Custom Powder Coat.

                L.A. Wheel and Tire sells factory original equipment manufacturer wheels with our custom finishes in outright sales or under our wheel exchange program.  The wheel exchange program substantially reduces your investment (often by 70% or more) in wheels by charging you only for the finish, so long as you return your qualifying non-chromed wheels after we ship your gorgeous new wheels to you. 

For more information, go to WWW.LAWHEEL.COM
or give one of our friendly wheel experts a call at (800) 584-2832.

BMW Chrome Wheel  Mercedes-Benz Chrome Wheel  Lexus Chrome Wheel
OEM Factory wheels with L.A. Wheel and Tire custom Chrome finish

Black Winterchrome  Winterchrome / Snowchrome  Black Winterchrome
OEM Factory wheels with L.A. Wheel and Tire exclusive Winterchromefinish (Black Winterchromeand Snowchrome�)

Black Powder Coat  White Powder Coat  Black Powder Coat
OEM Factory wheels with L.A. Wheel and Tire custom Powder Coated finish


We didn't reinvent the wheel...
...We just made it look A LOT better!

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L.A. Wheel and Tire does NOT sell replica wheels, and is not affiliated with O.E. Wheel Distributors, LLC, which sells chromed replica wheels.  L.A. Wheel and Tire states that our use of the �� site constitutes fair and descriptive use and is in no way intended to offer confusion that L.A. Wheel and Tire�s products and O.E. Wheel Distributors, LLC products, or their companies, are related.

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